Of Love and Loss

France & Vincent


October 13th 2012…

In a cobwebbed corner of the loft, there is a suitcase.  I know it is there, I am subtly conscious of it though I seldom open it any more. It is stuffed full of letters, notes, the tangible evidence of a decade of love. Most of them are silly things… a few scribbled words on a scrap of paper… found in the most incongruous places, where they had been left with love to bring a smile and a glow throughout the hours the day kept us apart. Some are funny, meant for laughter, some romantic, some speak of the deepest joys and fears we shared.
The last, the very last, he had left for me to find in his papers, knowing I would need them to register his death. Thinking of the moment he reached forward in time to write that for me I can no…

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