Sunday Writing Prompt – 14February – A story of Love

Keep it alive

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

Today is St Valentine’s Day, so the challenge is to write your story of love.

Be it true or a piece of fantasy, give it a go, see where it takes you.


Let me tell you a story

Story of something called love

Love which calls a heart to itself

Love that is so real and true

Its pull is magnetic, its charm undeniable

Yes it is a story of the best kind of love

Love that one cannot ignore or ever deny

An emotion that is born in the inner sanctum of a heart

And blossoms to envelop the whole personality

Purest of the sentiments, that connects a heart to a heart

Connecting lovers, or friends, family, or siblings

Love is not just one type that we honor

Love of all beings warrants our appreciation and esteem


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