Practising Observing Part 4

Be Inspired..!!

Observe is noticing direct sensory experience. It’s what you feel, sense, see, taste, touch and hear without labeling it, reacting to it or judging it. This is tricky for most people at first; our minds want to label what is happening rather than just being with the bare sensations of an experience. When you practice theObservemindfulness skill you are allowing your immediate experience to just happen – without pushing it away or trying to change it. Observe, like all the skills, is experiential. This means that intellectual understanding of the skill isn’t enough; you have to experience the skill for yourself to truly get it.

Here are some ideas for practising observing by coming back to your senses :

Observe Sensation of Touch on your Skin

  • Stroke your upper lip with your fingernail. Stop stroking, and notice how long takes before you can’t sense your upper lip at all.
  • When…

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