Puns make me happy.
Insanely happy even. Same goes for dad jokes. And dark humor. And those blooper reels we used to watch every night at 7 when America’s Funniest Home Videos was still a thing back in the ‘00s. But puns make me the happiest of all of those.

Witty plays on words trigger something in my brain that just makes me smile a bit wider than usual. Snicker a bit more. Giggle a bit harder. They’re sort of magical in a world that lacks the real deal. So when the topic of a Disney/Pixar Pubquiz came up in a group-app, with an additional request for team-name suggestions – I was in heaven, obviously.

Disney has a lot of punny potential, as it turns out.
I had to physically restrain myself from replying at some point by placing my phone out of reach. But I couldn’t withhold my suggestions…

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