Mws R Writings

Sometimes one contemplates

They try and figure out their plight

Perhaps they think on things that keep them up at night.

Sometimes there are no answers

That still does not sit right with them

Redundantly they keep on a thinking, transporting into another realm,

Sometimes even things right in their face

Don’t deter them and they fail to take notice, even if it fits

Things and people will leave you hints, leave you clues, if you can understand this.

Sometimes life is cruel, unjust, and unfit

It goes the same for the smart ones or the dumb

One can only wish there was a way to be numb.

Sometimes the hardest lessons are merely trials

Judgments and persecutions from one person’s mind, to ours

More than all that, is in how we respond, do we cower or soar?

Sometimes there is that one person

Afraid to feel, to live, to…

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