Happy Valentines day and some words.


Today is Valentine day and I have you near.

You are reading John Donne’s poetry of love to me.

You asked me. Do you love me Johnnie?

I told you. You are my first wish and last wish in my dreams.

Your beautiful I need to see in the morning light and

in the evening dust. I need your smile and sweet love.

I love you my lovely lady……

Read to me my dear lover….

Longing, belonging, needing and believing.

You are my reasons to live my love.

Falling, soaring and flying to new heights in hope and dreams.

Please sweet love. Read to me my darling.

Allow me to fall into your sweet voice.

Take me to a better and sweeter place.

Hold me, caress me with gentle fingers and hands.

Sing sweet song making me believe.

You are my love and I’m safe in your arms.

John Castellenas/Coyote

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