Steps In Between

A little book-line-love for Valentine’s Day!

Writing inspiration comes from everywhere. It brushes my cheek on a wind-filled walk, warms my tongue in a sip of wine, and swirls the air with conversation and wood smoke from a summertime firepit. When I open myself to the world around, inspiration always comes. Though, that doesn’t always mean I know what to do with the bits and stirs of possibility, and sometimes I don’t quite recognize each gift as it is intended. But eventually, when I sit down to do the work of writing, embers ignite.

In the meantime, I read!

When inspiration seems lost in the back of my mind, simmering into the something wonderful it might become, I read the creation of others…in books.

I admit it. I am a page-corner-creaser, an underliner, a highlighter of lines that pull my attention. I can’t help myself. When I stop to acknowledge…

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