Grace of the Sun

The one meant to love me,
had hate for me too.
Swaying what I see,

controlling my views.

Have you ever heard words,
that felt like a punch?

The energy sprayed,
all covered with blades,

cutting through my heart,
splitting me apart,
shooting like a gun,
leaves me feeling stunned.

Bruise into my mind,

biting deep inside,
chewing at my pride
actions undefined,
a fingerless touch
delivers the punch.

Then hold me so sweet,
offer many treats,
sweep me off my feet,
I flow like the breeze

Have you ever heard words
meant to feel like love?

The words I now hear,
erase all my fears.

all sent from above,
fly in like a dove,
they flutter inside,
bring in butterflies.

They give me a hug,
that fits like a glove,
then sing in my ears,
my eyes fill with tears,
my hopes start…

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Grace of the Sun

I wrapped the wool
over my eyes,
afraid to see
you had two sides.
Showed loyalty
to tame my fears,
cried sensitive
crocodile tears

One part of you
admired me,
the other part
a silent bee,
that stings without
the slightest hiss,
portraying love,
poisonous kiss.

Presenting trust,
so I could share,
my hardest truths,
creative snare.
A fake friendship,
one of a kind,
so true for me,
but I was blind.

Still grateful for
the times gone by,
when I was fooled
by your disguise.
You filled a role
I needed then,
pretend is good
until it ends.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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The twisted dance of love…


 The twisted dance of love….
                      (Written in 1988)

I lay beside you in the night of the Germany December. I feel the heat of tender flesh and I look into your blue eyes. They shine like the shining night stars on a clear night. You tell me. You are so good to me, so kind to me.

I tell you. I love you. You are my reasons to be alive. You looked away from me and whisper. I don’t want love. Too heavy a burden to carry for me and we are too young to lose our thoughts and hope to one place or person.

In the heat of sex, you whispered. I love you Johnnie, but in the dance of kiss and embrace is where hungry and desperate people show appreciation for the wild descend and abandoning places where two people are not afraid to reveal who they…

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My wildflower…


My wildflower

My raven hair beauty sitting in the valley of wildflowers. Her river blue eyes are swimming in the beauty of warm and perfect Spring days. I sat at her feet and I told her. I was the fortunate one. I have the weeping willows near and the wildflowers abound. I’m confined in the beauty of nature and your beautiful eyes. She laughed at my words and brought me near. She whispered. “Write me a poem of bittersweet dance and tasty night falls where we know nuptial bliss and unrestrained kisses”.

        ‘My wildflower

You turn me inside out and make me bleed. You show me I’m alive and taught me desperate need. I’m adrift in your smile and dream of your skin against my skin in the valley of the long night. Once reluctant kisses are sweet touches making me need you in the day and in the…

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Happy Valentines day and some words.


Today is Valentine day and I have you near.

You are reading John Donne’s poetry of love to me.

You asked me. Do you love me Johnnie?

I told you. You are my first wish and last wish in my dreams.

Your beautiful I need to see in the morning light and

in the evening dust. I need your smile and sweet love.

I love you my lovely lady……

Read to me my dear lover….

Longing, belonging, needing and believing.

You are my reasons to live my love.

Falling, soaring and flying to new heights in hope and dreams.

Please sweet love. Read to me my darling.

Allow me to fall into your sweet voice.

Take me to a better and sweeter place.

Hold me, caress me with gentle fingers and hands.

Sing sweet song making me believe.

You are my love and I’m safe in your arms.

John Castellenas/Coyote

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