Rest In Peace Teaka

Walt's Writings

Rest In Peace Teaka

It’s never easy
to lose an animal
It hurts.

Susan and I recently
lost our palomino paint
quarter horse mare Teaka
It will take a long time for us
to get over losing her.
The reality is, we never will.

We are animal rescuers.
We currently have 9 rescue dogs
that we have adopted.
They are like our children
and are our family.

Losing an animal is hard because
we share an intense bond with them.
Our animals teach us more than we could
have expected and love us more than
we could have hoped. That is why
we miss them more than we could have

Losing Teaka has left a gaping hole
in our hearts. In time our pain will lessen,
but we will never let go of our love for her.
Even though we can no longer see her
with our eyes or…

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