Indigo Herd

Charmed Chaos

“Indigo Sky Mares”  by Laurel Burch
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I dreamed of blue horses coursing through my scarlet veins, 
Lighting a burning fire within, stoking glowing ember flames 
They raced across a vast field of fertile thoughts and dreams 
Blue horses with no names, for nothing was as it seemed.

When they paused to rest in a meadow of golden swaying hay
I heard them neighing to me, Go- you must find your own way
In my dream I replied with my lips uttering these few words
But I long to be wild and free, be part of your celestial herd.

Your time is not yet over, for your life is still bound to earth
Lofty dreams have only begun, your writings now giving birth 
As you ponder these, look for clues hidden in your written words
When at last you understand, come soar with our indigo herd.

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