Broken bones, unkempt promises..


Broken bones, unkempt promises

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"This poem had been dancing in my head for days. I hope you enjoy."  

                       Broken bones, unkempt  promises…

Fools’ dances in wishes and dreamers believe love is priceless. The only worthwhile goal of life.
Woman with pretty faces make a man dream of a lifetime love. The man will vault into love without fear.

Love can’t be contained or control.
When the heart is dead. It will not rise till the mourning in done.
Beautiful woman told the man. “No love is left. Better to walk away from me.
I will brake your heart and leave your bones to rot.
Can’t raise the dead. Heart was broken by unkempt promises and secret pain that had  create a mountain
of safety.”

Young man told the girl. “There is a thin line between saints and losers. Few saints on this earth…

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