Thursday photo prompt: Deeper #writephoto


When the world crumbles,

And you stand at the precipice,

Staring deeper into the gorges around,

A dark abyss.

You just walk along in tremulous fear,

Gingerly circumventing the folds,

The sharp edges bite into your soul,

Ripping at its core.

A slip here and down you go,

A cascade into an empty void.

Your eyes swim with tears unshed,

Into the warm troughs below,

Drowning in the cerulean sluice,

That absorbs it’s salty pain,

They now shine with a luscious strain.

Leaves of hope all shed and shrivelled,

Their hues lost in the life’s dust.

Now seasoned with pain,

As you gaze into the horizon,

A shaft of light streams in,

Sheathed and clouded.

You hang onto the tiny ray,

As it enters the dark caverns inside,

That light up with its luminous sheen,

Leaving a heart now serene.

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