The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – February 12

Jo Hawk


This morning dawned without a hint of snow in the air. Bright blue cloudless skies belied the teeth—chattering 7-degree temperature. I couldn’t revel in the sunshine because my boss called. Honest to goodness, the phone rang, and the circus began. I watched the clock, counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until I could shut my laptop. The glorious day had faded, gray storm clouds gathered, and snowflakes fell as the bell sounded.

Once upon a time, I dreaded these afternoons, but I am now free from the sloppy, slip-sliding worry of a rush-hour commute. It was just as well since my after-work activity demanded I descend into the basement for fun and games. The electrician needs a space cleared to access the drop ceiling. The area is a storeroom packed miles high with boxes, crates, and bins. Clearing the area meant consolidating the containers in another section so I…

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