Thursday photo prompt: Deeper #writephoto


When the world crumbles,

And you stand at the precipice,

Staring deeper into the gorges around,

A dark abyss.

You just walk along in tremulous fear,

Gingerly circumventing the folds,

The sharp edges bite into your soul,

Ripping at its core.

A slip here and down you go,

A cascade into an empty void.

Your eyes swim with tears unshed,

Into the warm troughs below,

Drowning in the cerulean sluice,

That absorbs it’s salty pain,

They now shine with a luscious strain.

Leaves of hope all shed and shrivelled,

Their hues lost in the life’s dust.

Now seasoned with pain,

As you gaze into the horizon,

A shaft of light streams in,

Sheathed and clouded.

You hang onto the tiny ray,

As it enters the dark caverns inside,

That light up with its luminous sheen,

Leaving a heart now serene.

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 172 – Time

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


The theme is

Components of Time

Your take can be poetic or sci-fi or fiction or a piece of art , whatever catches your fancy.

To whet your imagination a little (actually, it’s more than a little), find 6 minutes to watch the video below.


One second passes faster than I can blink

Yet it can linger an eternity when I’m trapped in time

Days compressed into minutes and weeks into days

All coalescing into one long unbroken stretch of time

Time is what makes all the difference in everything

It is the great equalizer in all things worldly

Whatever we feel is ours to boast of or treasure

Slowly decays into nothingness with the passage of time

Youth or beauty, charm or talent all eroded

Power or even wealth losses it’s importance in

The ruthless grind of…

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance🌹 – February 11, 2021

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Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance🌹 – February 11, 2021


Romance, flowers, candlelit dinners

Glittery gifts tied with beautiful bows

Wooing the one you love, making your case

You need all the help you can get if the feelings are not strong

Or reciprocated in equal measure from the other side

If your hearts have already recognized each other as mates

Then these trappings are not the one you need

Just a glance, a smile, pressure of hand while holding

Will tell them all they need to know from the look in your eyes


Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate.




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I don’t remember how you looked…


(Dreams can become nightmares. Nightmares can become sweet dreams one day.)

I don’t remember how you looked….

I don’t remember how you looked.

Your eyes were blue, maybe hazel green?

Your hairgolden blondor maybe strawberry red?

I try to describe you and each time I remember less.

Sometime I dream of grasping your hair,

our bodies fighting for the sake of pure pleasure.

You calling out my name, words of love.

You spoke only in the turmoil of sex.

I yearn to see you still.

Your sweet hello’s were sweet and long.

Our goodbyes were long and written deep into the walls of my heart.

I remember your long legs.

You dressed like a woman.

But had thehungerof a child,

seeking the education of the tongue, the touch and the long ride.

I don’t know if you remember me.

I still seek you.

Your hunger was…

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