Ending A Relationship and Avoiding Winter’s Evil Plot — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Speaking of the Forecast, I severed all further communications. The latest love note informed me I should expect to wake to a light dusting of snow Wednesday, 1-3 inches Thursday afternoon, and 4-8 inches Friday night into Saturday morning. High temperatures through the weekend will hover between 10 and 15 degrees. Winter, our relationship is officially over.

I woke dreading the task ahead of me. What I put off yesterday, I must deal with today. I donned my Sasquatch Suit and hit the button to open the garage door. It lifted three feet and stopped. The opener has a rebellious streak, and when it gets too cold, she refuses to raise the door without assistance. That means me lifting while the motor is engaged. I can’t accomplish this feat from the inside since it’s impossible to hit start, negotiate the crowded path, and lift before everything stops. The logistics only…

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