The lulls of your lullaby….


The lulls of your lullaby…..

I thirst for darkness, not light.

I seek wild dances, not the shade of real love that will fade.

I want the divine kiss and the long midnight.

I whispered to you. Drink of me and I shall drink of you.

I want the taste of salty kiss from your skin upon my lips.

I want us to whisper true lullaby.

Where lovers don’t weep and pray for love missed.

I want our story to be of the eclipse of sun and moon.

Finding perfect form and place.

You told me once.

“The sweet long kiss are strong like ancient wines.

Need to be sips and cherish.

Love should not burn the heart.

Should make the heart dance and dream.

Love captures and in prison. Is not love.

Love should be given without regret and with

the willingness to allow lovers to find unbounded places

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The Waltz….


The Waltz

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The ocean and love create emotions and passion that stay with us forever."

The waltz 

We were doing a waltz upon the beach.
 The waves were the orchestra and
 the wind was whispering a love song to us.

 I tossed her into a twirl and
 I brought her back to me.

 By the light of the moon.
 Two lovers danced the movement of freedom
 and celebrating being alive.

 We come back to the ocean after each journey.
 The ocean keeps our secrets.

The dancing waves are always waiting.

  She was as beautiful as when I first saw her
  and I held her like she was my last breath.

 Two shadows upon a naked beach.
Doing the dance of hope and freedom.

 The cold of winter is surrounding us and
we warm each other with laughter and dancing.

Two friends, lovers and travelers…

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The lucky or the crazy….


The lucky or the crazy.

A Poem byCoyote Poetry
"I lived on the coastline of California for three years. No better place to be."

The lucky or the crazy…

We danced by the light of the moon.

Every Saturday and Sunday we came andwatched thesun fall into the sea.

I watched you write my name in the sand and

you told me I was the only sweet dream in your life.

I brought you close to me and I whispered how beautiful and sweet you are .

You got up,

danced circles around me.

You come to me and

you gave me gentle sweet and warm kisses.

The waves danced upon the shores of Monterey.

A big winter storms was coming.

We sat together and

I held you close.

We were waiting for a purpose to be alive.

Our favorite time of the year is the storms of December…

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Epic Love


An epic love is one we knew in our deepest heart space.

A love that remained in secret, just below the surface and still does

That one we don’t ever speak of, it’s too painful.

A love where all the signs and signals said “beware”, “stay away”.

We didn’t.

We couldn’t.

It was a Cinderella fantasy come to life.

A love to good to be true and was.

It was the kind of love that stays in our hearts and at the edge of our minds.

It was a love that was never meant to last.

It was too passionate, too intense and raw to maintain forever.

It came into our hearts like an avalanche of emotion, a storm of lust.

And just as violently as it came, it was gone leaving us lost and broken.

But in spit of the pain, it changed us for the better.

It changed…

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When Rain and Darkness Comes

Charmed Chaos

Image by Šárka Jonášová from Pixabay

Deep beneath rotting loam, 
spores await the right moment 
when rain and darkness  
comes to encourage growth 
blending to create spawn

Tiny white threadlike bodies form
mycelium in the first stage
before the fungi emerge

They push their way through
the fertile medium, 
only to burst forth
ready for plucking
by long pale fingers stained
from blackened decaying earth

dVerse Poets Pub: Let’s Have Fun, Guys!

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I Don’t Need Another Life

Frank Solanki

I don’t need another life
I am going to give you all my love tonight
Why save love for another day
When I’m going to give you all my love today?

I don’t need another life
Wouldn’t that be a waste of this one
If I don’t love you all right?
What else could I be getting done?

I don’t need another life
Your love makes Time seem unbounded
Leaving my whole heart confounded
Why would one need another life?

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Something Ancient – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


At dVerse Sarah is hosting Poetics with and invitation to write about Fungi.

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Let’s Have Fun Guys


“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.” Chinese proverb

Something Ancient

Something ancient of generations
speaks from hidden forest places
into my fractured, fragmented life,
of something more than physical,
an awakening expansion of 
abundant life, an elixir of healing,
reishi, the Ling Zhi, bearer of deep
wisdom for all who share its
patient ferment.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Truth and Lies

Roth Poetry

Very unsettling to see

truth and lies woven into the same strand

Hypnotized by strong need to believe

when obviously on shaky ground

Being right at all cost

closes eyes to see what went down

Feeling all is lost

Settling into the quicksand around

Truth and lies come in many forms

People believe what they want to hear

Everyone takes their stand

as truth and lies are woven into the same strand


Painting – Dwight L. Roth

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