The Cold Hard Mysteries of Getting Your Work Done — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I’m uncertain if it is artic weather, lockdowns, or my natural aversion to going places where I might need to interact with strangers. This weekend marked a change, and I found my rhythm. Some items which have languished on my To-do list have reached completion status. Nobody was more excited than I was to cross them off, mark them done, and say, “Goodbye forever.” Other assignments are inching forward. Some require me to push massive granite boulders up a steep incline, while others, I am convinced, are stubbornly immovable objects. Then there are the spooky, self-possessed tasks that mimic the mysterious Sailing Stones of Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa. Given the rare, precise conditions of ice, water, and wind, those jobs complete themselves.

Later, there will be an opportunity to ascertain the planetary alignment, contemplate the forces creating the perfect storm, and analyze my wonky perspective. For now, it must wait…

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