Kevin Parish

Man Standing on Tree Branch during Sunset

I sit here high above in this tree

On a bough that allows me to see and see

I peer across the landscape

Near and far

And my heart grows sad

To see where we are

All the great strides to the ending of wars

Are losing their traction

As they did before

Neighbor against neighbor

Kin against kin

How did this maddness

Start over again

Am I just blind

Did I choose not to see

The hate of skin color


We all require water

We all require air

We all require kindness

Here and everywhere

Now, I feel the tears falling

Down both of my cheeks

And through blurry eyes I ponder

At some distant mountain peaks

Where I see a small village

Where the sun rays shine bright

I dry my eyes with my shirt

And pray it will be all alright

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