I want to fall in love again..


 I want to fall in love again…

Last year man prayed to Selena, the moon goddess on a warm Fall night. He told her, near the dancing Pacific ocean. The drunk man is praying again. He is in the lost and found. And no-one is seeking his smile, his voice, his laughter. I am praying, I am wishing for the sweetest voice, the kindest heart. Please dear goddess, whisper to beautiful Kelly. I miss her so. She was a blessing, she was gift to a foolish man.

Once in sweet dreams, we drank the Summer sweet wine and I became drunk on her kisses. She was natural beauty, always told the truth and she made me. Yearn to be brave again. Now sleeping man asking kind Selena, I want to fall in love again.

I want to fall in love again, where love was kind, so damn sweet. I want…

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Hello, I love you.


 Hello, I love you….

Hello dear stranger, you came into my dream last night. I fell at your feet, kissed your hands and I told you. I love you my celestial beauty. I rested my head into your lap and you sang kind words of love to me.
The great sea separate us now and I write into secret journals.

“Kelly, Kelly my dearest love.

Your voice, like a gentle flowing river to my heart.

I need you,  a damsel who love the long road, cold night, holding tightly.

Not seeking more. Being content with what we have.
Untold, unwritten stories make the heart bleed for things not touched or held.

I told you often dear beautiful Kelly.

Make me believe, love is alive and so damn sweet.
I know we are condemned by things we didn’t do.

Maybe I was a rainbow chaser,

a penny wisher in the wishing…

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, February 9, 2020

Go Dog Go Café

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

The prompts are designed to be quick challengesthat can be written in 10 to 15minutes, inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting. Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support. All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate. Feel free to share this post on yourown blogs and/or Facebook.

Today’s prompt:Writea poem about a place that inspires you.

Happy Writing!

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Baring Her Soul – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


At dVerse Merril is hosting Quadrille (44 words) with an invitation to write using some form of the word embrace. dVerse Poets – Quadrille – Embrace

Image: found on pinterest.com via Bing

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the moon.” Galileo Galilei

Baring Her Soul

The revelled edge of night's memory
softened to a surreal stillness of
quiet beauty, the calm before the 
passion, the moment of adventurous
eyes seeking the other's horizon of
subtle knowing in delicate movement,
moon smiled, shed her shawl, baring
her soul for embrace.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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The Crystal Witch

Walt's Writings

The Crystal Witch

She lives in a cabin in the woods
On moonlit nights
the moonbeams reflect
all the crystals she is made of

she is a good witch
kind and caring
she lives alone with no partner
she cares for the forest creatures
and they care for her

she uses her magic for good
the evil witches and demons
avoid her, for she is stronger
and more powerful

she has no idea how she became
made of crystals
but it doesn’t matter to her
she is happy and lives in peace

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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Things I love in the month of February- Books

Keep it alive

Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February.

For # 9 love I choose;


My love of reading is an old one. I started reading young and then read any and every book that I could lay my hands on. I grew up in Pakistan, and with our British colonial legacy, we were more into British authors.

I love historic fiction, crime, and whodunnits.

Books are the best friends you have, non-demanding, always there, and entertaining.



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