Without you..


Without you

                         A masterpiece…

Lascivious days and nights. I loved you like you were my last breathe.
I knew at the hello. You would break my heart one night.
You were my masterpiece. Wanting eyes and demanding body made the strong man weak.
You made love come alive and made me wish.
The nights and days would last forever.

We drank the German wines and we drank in the long kiss and the heavy embrace.
We were lovers trying to find the deepness of the utopia of living and dying in the emotions
of desperate days and desperate nights.

We knew. Love is balance on needles and threads. Balancing on kind words and locked doors where lovers
can be free and born. The damn world torn us apart. Left me standing alone without you.

Today I paint a masterpiece where love didn’t die and you and I.

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