What do you see # 67 – A Roundup

Keep it alive


The moonlight oval falls on the open gate

The gate is invitinglyopen, the light just perfect

Get up, venture forth and explore the moonlit vista

This opportunity is not offered frequently to us

Imagine what wonders are waiting to be discovered

If we just get up and step out in this inviting scenario

Are you up to it?


This week’s prompt gave us very mixed responses. Many were trending towards the dark side. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the variety of the contributions submitted by our very supportive community. Thank you everyone for your responses.

Please click on the links to read their posts.

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Reena; Escape

Radhika; Depression

Myrna; Evil conspiracy theories

Denise; Return

Di; What do you see # 67

Jules; No Longer Pusillanimous

Susi; Harsh consequences

Kittysverses; Darkness…

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