Quit Working, Stop Over-Thinking, Relax, Allow Yourself to Feel the Fun, and Slide – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Hey, wait a minute. What just happened. I was getting all comfy, cozy, and settled in, and now you’re telling me I missed it? How can it be over? Finished. Finito. Fertig. Färdiga. Fini. Listen, I’ve got an “F” word for you. Frigid, freezing, and frustrated. Ok, that’s three words, but you get my point. For the last ten days, I have been battling the accumulating Frosty Flakes of Snow. They promise another 2-4 inches to fall overnight onto the driveway I cleared of 2-3 inches of snow only hours ago. To add insult to this thankless task, I can look forward to contending with temps in the single digits combined with wind chills reaching 20 to 30 degrees below zero.

All shoveling and no play makes Jill a dull girl. I have a plan to inject some fun back into the last vestiges of a buried weekend. I know…

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