Without you..


Without you

                         A masterpiece…

Lascivious days and nights. I loved you like you were my last breathe.
I knew at the hello. You would break my heart one night.
You were my masterpiece. Wanting eyes and demanding body made the strong man weak.
You made love come alive and made me wish.
The nights and days would last forever.

We drank the German wines and we drank in the long kiss and the heavy embrace.
We were lovers trying to find the deepness of the utopia of living and dying in the emotions
of desperate days and desperate nights.

We knew. Love is balance on needles and threads. Balancing on kind words and locked doors where lovers
can be free and born. The damn world torn us apart. Left me standing alone without you.

Today I paint a masterpiece where love didn’t die and you and I.

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I need you, I don’t need you..


I need you, I don’t need you

                                   Damn if you do, damn if you don’t…

Perfect beautiful girl came to me in the midnight hour. Eyes of hazel green, robust and young body demanding my attention. I knew the ending before the beginning.  She was wildflowers free in heart and a crashing sea in the need of the love. She wanted everything and wanted nothing. I was just a place to rest, till her heart languished new kiss and embrace.

We shared cigarettes, the vodka and juice and the midnight dance. She hypnotized me with sweet words and make me wish for false redemption. The redemption of believing our words whispered in the chaos of passion and sweet kiss.  Were promises made to be obeys.

Longs night led to late afternoon during the cold days…

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A lullaby for dear Luna..


A lullaby for dear Luna….

Once I chased the moon, once I sang to her, great songs of love.

 “Dear Luna, you are a miracle to behold, please come and dance with me and be my love. Come to the sea and we can welcome the rising sun, we can watch the miracle of a new day being born. You are my honey wine kisses, my eternal beauty who make me believe, love is life, life is love.”

On a Summer eve, dear Luna came to me. She wore her tight black dress for me, allowed me to see her flowing brown hair moving carelessly in the gentle wind of the sea, allowed me to gaze upon her pale skin, powerful legs and naked shoulders.

I told her. We have kissed and parted often, my heart of glass had become hapless and your beautiful face haunt my dreams. I remember…

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Water and fire…


Water and fire

I told the Irish beauty in the tavern In Austin, Texas. Some men are dying and some men are living. Death is like a fire. It will burn strong and die down. Hard to rebirth the fire in men hearts after they used it up and accepted the final walk into the bone yards. You are so beautiful. Filled with the wild fire of life wanting to feel hands painting your skin to untold heat and the splendor of the inferno where we try to repeat and can’t.

Her blue eyes began to shine bluer. She rolled her reddish hair through long slender fingers. She opened her legs, allowed me to see strong tanned longs legs and she told me.  No-one is dead till the dirt is tossed and the casket closed forever. I see in your gaze upon me.  The torment and need to ravish my…

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An Invitation – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Come and enjoy This!!


Photo: thewowstyle.com

“Clothing means nothing until someone lives in them.” Marc Jacobs

An Invitation 

Her modest hem was garrulous,
all shouty and and look at me glances
setting fire to water, while her demur
look was betrayed by the spice of her 
eyes that stirred tremors, while the
silence of her lips was undone by a
persuasive smile, an invitation to an 
awkward tango of discovery, a navigation 
of moments paper thin, it was then that I 
remembered to breathe.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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I Love You Like Winter


I Love You Like Winter


I love you with the grace, the charm
and the magic winter brings as I wonder and ponder over “what ifs” and “maybes”

I love you with all the strength of the cuddle, the hug and the passionate embrace I need
on an exciting winter afternoon

I love you with the joy, the smile, and the laughter winter brings as I sip from a cup of hot fudgy chocolate

I love you as I smile sweetly watching snowflakes on my window pane slowly melting, turning into droplets of water

I love you, as I think of you writing this winter poem, so baby, hold my hand and maybe, just maybe we’ll have a happy winter get away someday


For Eugi’s weekly prompt – winter


Also inspired by Val’s post – Looking Chilled To The Bone (twas a feast for my romantic…

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