Those were the days, my friend….


Those were the days, my friend
A snowy day and the mall at Christmas. I saw a pretty face and she saw me looking at her. We waited for a few seconds. She came to me and she hugged me hard and tightly.  I kissed her lips without a thoughts. Once we were great lovers and war/life stole us to new places.
She was embarrassed by the kiss and I apology  and she laughed. She kissed me back and she told me. “It is okay Johnnie. I am glad you haven’t forgot me. I do remember you. You and I had the best New Year eve before you left for the war in 1991. I am so glad, you did okay. I did pray for you to be safe and sound. You were my wild desperado who wanted to seek the Hemingway life and death.”
I brought her closer, remembering…

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