Nefarious Scheduling Labels Help You Sleep, and Dream Sweet Cozy Dreams – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Is it an act of self-sabotage, or am I so exhausted that even though I have reminded myself 80 gazillion times, I still forget to disengage my alarm on Friday night? Or maybe, I really do need to get up. After a string of early mornings and late nights, I crave my unstructured weekends and sleeping an extra hour or two past my usual wake up time. It makes sense to catch up on our slumber, right? But the scientists can’t agree. Some say you can compensate for lost hours, while others maintain we further confuse our already messed up internal circadian biological clocks.

The answer is to opt for an afternoon nap. The experts recommend aiming for one of 3 optimal nap times – 20 min, 60 min, and 90 min snooze breaks. They also suggest napping during the week. In a formal office environment, the idea was inconceivable…

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