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Eric Hoffer( 1898/1902? -1983) American longshoreman and philosopher whose writings on life, power, and social order brought him celebrity.

Hoffer was the author of ten books and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 1983.

His first book, The True Believer (1951), was widely recognized as a classic, receiving critical acclaim from both scholars and laymen, although Hoffer believed that The Ordeal of Change (1963) was his finest work.

Hoffer’s early life was marked by hardship. A fall at the age of 7 left him partially blind until he was 15, when his eyesight returned.

With the recovery of vision, Hoffer began to read voraciously. His mother had died when he was a child, and, when his father died in 1920, Hoffer, penniless, decided to go to California.

For the next 23 years he found jobs as a migrant farm worker and a manual labourer; throughout this…

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