13th in the seris of “tell me your song, I’ll write you a poem”


I’m jealous of your white fitted shirt
and how it it hugs your body so tight
so tight it gives u warmth and comfort
and how it hears your heart beat
so gentle, so sweet
how it graciously covers your
broad shoulders, I so want to boldly
hold and lean my head on
anytime, anywhere
I’m jealous, I’m just jealous
It should’ve been me
“cos I want you all to myself”

I’m jealous of your car seat bealt
and how it protects you in the street
how it hears you sing along with our spotify
playlist songs, how it feels your right hand’s caress out in the highway,
down the road
how you slowly, gently buckle up
before each long drive
and how, oh dear just how
it bears witness to your lonesome
sunset drive

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