Believe Fairytales Are Real, Magic Exists, and Life Begins After Your Morning Coffee – Daily Quote

Read this if you drink coffee!

Jo Hawk


It’s Friday. We’ve almost made it through the week, and the only thing I want is a steaming hot pot of strong, black coffee. It is the proven brew that will sustain me and get me through the day. That’s not asking for much. Is it?

Some people give me a hard time about what they call my drinking habit. I laugh and tell them I drink far more water than they do. The bottle says natural spring water, and I filter it further. The water is heated and passed through coffee grounds, sure, but it is still more water than they drink. Besides, I’ve heard about a study from a prestigious university linking coffee drinking to a longer lifespan, and I figure at this rate, I’m frigging immortal. Is it any wonder making my caffeinated beverage is the first thing I do every morning? I write it in my…

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