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Bitter Taste Of Anxiety

Sarah Doughty

“I feel as though I’ve forgotten
something I cannot place.
Something that nags at my insides.”

Here I am. Faced with another moment of indecision. Another bout of insomnia mixed with the bitter taste of anxiety. It’s one of those moments where I feel as though I’ve forgotten something. Something important that I cannot place. Something nagging at my insides, telling me, “Now. It must be now.” So I do the only thing I can. Count the taps of my fingers as my mind jumps from one thought to the next, waiting for the moment I realize what I must do. But as the hours stretch on and the sun passes the horizon and reaches the top of the sky, I’m still stuck in the same pattern of unknowing. And as my eyes at last grow heavy, I’m still left wondering what it was I forgot.

© Sarah Doughty

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To Write is to Be Insane

Penny Wilson Writes

"To write, I decided, is to be insane. In ordinary life you look 
sane, act sane-just as any mother of five children. But once you 
start to write, you are moonstruck, out of your senses. As you 
stare hard inward, following behind your eyes the images of 
invisible places, of people, of events, and listening hard inward 
to silent voices and unspoken conversations-as you are seeing a 
story, hearing it, feeling it-your very skin becomes permeable, 
not a boundary, and you enter the place of your writing and live 
inside the people who live there. You think and say incredible 
things. You even love other people-you don't love your children 
and your husband at all. And here is the interesting thing to me,
when this happens, you often learn something, understand something
that can transcend the words on the paper."

*This is a quote that a friend found in…

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enough ~


to make me teary –
these solitary lines
where names fall sweet
before the hurting starts
I’ve begged
forget me –
let the souvenirs
be burned
and yet I know
I can’t reclaim my heart

tis crushed
into the circles
where’re your fingers touch
and ground into the webs
around your eyes
inked into a memory
of ten thousand yesterdays
golden as our last
the first sunrise

smoke rings
mark an evening red
with the scent
of winter hay
I locked the gate
but pray you took your key
folded with a promise
and tucked inside your shirt
familiar as the path
come back to me

. . .

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stories unremembered ~


from these pieces
will they ever
understand the way we were
all this fighting over nothing
will they wonder –
what was for
of the buried
of the broken
will the weary
be misled
when moss is
grown around us –
will they deem our savior dead
will they shake their heads
in questioning
of when and why we came –
and gather near our remnants
to worry o’er each name
rewritten there
committed every discontent
to stone
for stories unremembered
but to these who weep alone
will our beauty
be forgotten
by a world who never knew
the ways we came
to understand
the mystery of truth

. . .

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faraway ~


come the morning
of redemption –
city lights
to fade your doubt
for every time
another came
and I was left without

breath no longer easy
was a plead for me
to stay
tho I couldn’t hear
I wouldn’t hear
words you’d never say

for every life
you promised
another perfect place –
an empty barn
a broken fence
memories retraced

to kiss this ground
and cleave my heart in two
been buried
more than once –
beside the river
next to you

shadows slide
on maple floors
while someone that I knew
remembers me
from other times –
a lover passing through

the worst is done
the right made wrong –
and who am I
for asking –
will the crops be gone
before the frost
is come

so faraway
and where we’ll be
worth telling –
city lights
are faded now
to places faraway

would stay the…

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Protect Your Heart

Be Inspired..!!

Keep your Vascular System Healthy

Your heart has always been there for you — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, isn’t it time you started giving your heart and vascular system a little TLC? Your vascular system is your body’s network of blood vessels, carrying blood to and from the heart. When these blood vessels become clogged or damaged, your heart, brain and other body parts don’t get the blood they need. This can lead to heart attack, stroke and other health problems.

How is your vascular health? – Heart disease causes one in every three deaths in the U.S. Given the numbers, we all need to keep an eye on our heart health. But certain things make you more likely to develop heart disease.

  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Being overweight
  • Health problems that affect the heart and blood vessels, like high blood pressure, diabetes or high…

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