Use Ruthless Editing to Complete Your Projects and Propel You to New Heights – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I don’t believe I have ever uttered the words “I’m bored” in my entire life and meant it. I have said the phrase in jest, or with a thick slathering of sarcasm, and a glance at my daily, weekly, monthly, projects, associated tasks list, and obligations confirms the overwhelming abundance of jobs to do. Maybe they wired some of us for activity, program individuals at a DNA level to embrace challenges, and curse them with the foresight to imagine living from a different perspective. I love organizing my surroundings to improve functionality, build a more aesthetically pleasing environment, and streamline processes to increase efficiency and intuitive operations. I like to create. My reward is the delight I see on other people’s faces.

It is easy to jump between design, implementation, redesign, and improvements and prematurely launch into the newest passion project because the time is ripe. It divides our attention…

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