This Is Why You Need To Enter The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic Competition

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Are you looking for a chance to win $100? Then the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic is looking for you.

The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

TheSue Vincent Rodeo Classicis happening NOW at the Carrot Ranch!

Writers will have the opportunity to support Sue Vincent, a stalwart centre of our blogging community, as well as compete for a $100 prize! Click here to find out why we’re supporting Sue.

We’re trying to make this the biggest writers’ Rodeo yet and celebrate Sue Vincent’s work and writing in the process.

How do I enter the competition?

On thecompetition page, you’ll find a beautiful photo from Sue which is the prompt for the competition.

Write a flash fiction story of 99 words or a poem of 99 syllables – no more, no less – based on the prompt photo.

Go to the competition page and complete the entry form. You…

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