Tingle me!


Sometimes I get a little nostalgic. Especially when I wake up from the strangest dream where I somehow ended up in Termina (the world from Zelda: Majora’s Mask), embarking on an adventure with Tingle and all sorts of other crazy things (I’m not saying there was an orgie in a fairy fountain…but…you know…there was). MADNESS!

It makes one reminisce though. Because Zelda? Zelda has been such a major constant in my life. It’s fun, morals, story, symbols and memorabilia have consistently been a beacon of awesomeness throughout my (gaming) life. Zelda is like Disney movies – filled to the brim with wisdom that we can also apply to our own little worlds.

I was brought up on Zelda. Watching grownups play Zelda: A link to the past on the SNES and then, after doing a bit of growing up myself – venturing out into the world…

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