The golden dusk..


The golden dusk…

We didn’t know. Life move so damn fast and we cannot stop time.
I wondered. Did you know me? Did I know you?
Now our silence whispers of love words are rarely heard and the old photos. Just remnants of what we were.
Did I seek the hidden sadness in your eyes? I believe women are more layered than men. Rarely doe a woman allow a man to see her inner secrets and secret fears.

I believe woman are like the mountains.  If you try to understand and appreciate. You will find new ridges of sadness and secret waterfalls of tears. A lucky man will be blessed with love words. She will whisper, I have loved and I have lost myself in you. I remembered when you held me like a child. I tried to linger in the madness, in the gift of love. I remember on a golden…

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