Love and Risk Aversion


There’s only a few things that I am certain of in life – and one of them is that I do NOT like uncertainty.
Unknown gifts freak me the hell out and if you ever think of throwing me a surprise party: rethink that strategy! Yer killing me!

I still think back in horror to that one time a couple of friends threw me and my ex a housewarming party (IN OUR NEW HOUSE) the night we got back from a vacation to the Dominican republic.
Aka – we’d just spent over 16 hours travelling, were tired, sweaty AND to top it all off I had had a…slight…bloody…inconvenience (imagine – gushing blood drenching pants) on the drive home from the airport.
We walk into our house (we’d barely moved into) and instead of peace and quiet find 15+ friends cheering, hollering and preparing three…

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