How Do We Start Over?


How Do We Start Over?

it’s quite odd though that at some point
our lives, our world and everything that we do
evolve around and depend upon
the love of our life, or so we thought

but what happen
what could possibly happen
when the very reason
we exist
the very core of our being
becomes inevitably
the single sole reason
we are losing ourselves

should we take the road most people
travel when the going gets tough?
or should we dare move forward
and take on the highest routes to
nothing but road bumps and
multiple road blocks?

how much of ourselves
do we need to lose?
and how many risks do we need to take
to eventually realize
this aint gonna work?
do we keep hoping
or do we keep holding on?

it’s quite odd though, really odd
to be sitting right now
contemplating on what used to…

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