Don’t Let Go


10th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”

Don’t Let Go

I’ve met you back in time when you and i were young
we had our shares of troubles
and our own separate lives
though i knew i needed you to be by my side
but i kept it cool so you won’t let go
and i thank God for that one time
one time, one moment
when you handed over
a note for me to read
then you smiled
your sweetest smile
and from that day on my love
our lives changed

I knew i loved you then
‘cos everytime you smiled at me
I saw our lives together, a life of love
as we grew old together, with kids
dancing and hanging around
as you silently watched them with awe
and with blissful joy
and i, looked at you, and thanked…

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