Daily Dose for the Soul

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The law of attraction attracts disrespect when you’re affirming that you’re unworthy if being respected. Send out the message to the provider of all that you’re unworthy, and you literally say to the Universal Source of all, Stop the flow of anything I desire, which is coming in my direction, because I don’t believe I’m worthy of receiving it. The universal Source will respond by halting this flow, causing you to re-affirm your inner conviction of unworthiness and attract even more disrespect in a multitude of ways. You’ll disrespect your body by overfeeding it and poisoning it with toxic substances. You’ll display your lack of self respect in how you carry yourself, how you desire, how you fail to exercise, how you treat others…on and on goes the list.

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The antidote to this dreary picture is to make an internal commitment…

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