Braided Threads

Raw Earth Ink

cold, blinded, aimless
the cold of distant loneliness
blinded by the mundane
aimless wandering
with no real reason
of little worth or value

a blue light glimmers
gleams in the distance
stood transfixed
watering eyes produce frozen tears
hand lifted, reaching, stretching
could this be?
breath held

And again,
hope wiggles in
wedges itself
a sigh, a whisper, a skipped beat
a sigh of wishful thoughts
a whisper of a name, entwined
remembering something
heart skips a beat, once, twice

something fuzzy, a moment
a movement stirs
from the corner of my eye
memories, wants, desires
anticipation ascending
patience held tight
weaving tighter all the loose threads

I hope
I wait
I dream
I love

tara caribou | ©2021

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