Benefits of Cherries Part 1

Please STOP and read this! This works for gout – I speak from personal experience. It helps reduce inflammation and helps with arthritis too!

Be Inspired..!!

Fresh cherries are a favorite summertime treat, whether you love them in a fresh-baked cherry pie or as an energizing snack. Cherries are also incredibly good for you—and they boast a wide range of benefits far beyond just being delicious. Power-packed cherries are full of antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and vitamin C to help protect against chronic diseases, boost your recovery after exercise, and so much more.

Below, find out exactly why this ruby red fruit is worth adding to your diet.

  • Promote Weight Loss – By consuming tart cherry juice, or a cherry supplement, you reduce inflammation and lipids in the blood, which lead to heart conditions and weight gain.
  • Boost Heart Health – Research done at the University of Michigan suggests that tart cherries provide cardiovascular benefits and can reduce the risk of stroke, without the serious side efforts that come with prescribed medications.
  • High Source of Antioxidants – Anthocyanin and cyanidin are…

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