Rory Asks; So if no one read your blog……

Keep it alive

Would you still write “you” or change your style?

Rory was asked this question the other day …“If no one ever read your blog would you still write, keep and maintain the blog or would you change the way you write so as to keep your blog and be read?

So would you?

Would you change your style to be read more often or would you simply take more steps to encourage readers to read your actual style and build up your own like-minded community – or would it not bother you in the slightest?


What if no one read my blog, what would I do?

Change the way I write?

WouldIencourage others to visit my blog?

Would I create a community of like-minded bloggers?

Oh, wait!

I’ve done all that and am still doing it 2 years later.

Onething I didn’t do was…

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