Published: An Anthology with My Name

Come Meet – Secrets as she reveals her Name and support her published work in the Anthology: LOVINGWORDS volumes 1 and 3! Yeah, Bree!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

I bet the “My Name” part of this post is why most of you are here, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I am thrilled to announce that three of my poems will be published in an anthology trilogy called Through Loving Words: A Poetry Collection, Volumes 1-3 with City Limits Publishing. My poems will appear in Volumes1and3, with a release date of 4th Feb. Whaaaaa!

Image found here on Pinterest

To have something published and physically printed through a publishing house is a dream come true. I am delighted, excited and baffled.

The things is, since joining WordPress and getting to know the poets here, I have read some of the most beautiful words. I’ve read poems that made me fall in love on the page (don’t worry, it’s only on the page) and words which have so perfectly captivated human…

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