Mws R Writings

Strings by MwsR

There are places, people, and things,
They will bring out great happiness or complicated things.
When you are caught up with any of them, as we sometimes do,
They will greatly impact you.
It is strings that we hold to places, people, or things,
That makes us into who we are and sometimes what makes us sing.
They can also make us weep, confused, or depressed,
That is how you know you once enjoyed things at their best.
Suddenly though for no reason or rhyme,
You find them either gone or not worth your time.
Strings are for holding, but only a particular way,
They are to be admired sometimes but set aside like a display.
Sometimes you need to give slack, every once in a while.
Although if needed they can help you to hold on to a smile.
What are your strings attached to?

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