It Takes a Village to Write a Book

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Steps In Between

It takes a village to raise a child. That same village is also treasured in authoring and publishing a book. Upon reflection over the last several years of my writing life, I have many to thank. Seam Keepers, my YA fantasy will release this spring (2021), and what a ride! From my family and friends to my editors, to my beta readers and critique group, to the big guy upstairs, I would not be on the road I am without them.

Cheers to my village!

First of all, I am forever grateful to my family and friends. Once I actually admitted that I was, indeed, writing a book, they allowed me time and energy to pursue this new path. It isn’t the same for all fellow authors out there. I know how lucky I am. And I lift a glass to those sorting through the journey without family…

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