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Insecurity is a feeling of dissatisfaction about oneself, that feeling that says ‘you’re not enough’ or ‘oh! They feel they are too good huh’. It makes you always defensive and offended, you feel the whole world is against you, whereas its all in your mind.


Insecurity can be caused by a whole lot of things, ranging from childhood experience, recent experience of rejection or failure, loneliness, social anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself, failed relationships, or even having critical parenting etc. Everyone has had a fair share of insecure feeling at some point, but it’s a phase that you’re supposed to pass, and not a dwelling place. Here are some types of insecurities;

Insecurity based on rejection: this type of insecurity arises when one has faced a lot of rejection and disapproval. It may be work induced or even family. Such a person tends…

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