Exercise to Improve Posture Part 2

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We all know that the more youmove throughout the daythe better. And betweenworking from home,stay-at-home ordersandclosed fitness centers, it can feel impossible to move enough, let alone get10,000 steps (or more)a day. So what can you do when you’re forced to spend prolonged periods of time sitting at home, don’t have astanding deskand can’t move as much as you’d like?

Besides moving more throughout the day and aiming to get regularexercise, there are several other things you can be mindful of if you sit a lot. Here are some tips on how to improve posture while working :

Seated Roll Down

  • Tuck your chin as if you are holding a ball between your chin and chest. Without letting your pelvis roll backwards, bend forward as if you are trying to roll the ball down your chest towards the bottom of your ribcage.
  • Stop the movement when your pelvis starts to…

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  1. Bad posture can increase both physical and mental stress. Because bad posture causes your back muscles to work harder, it causes physical stress and therefore, pain. This pain has a negative impact on our mental health, too.

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