The untold story, maybe?


The untold story….

I have wore a necklace of pig skin rope and white crystal for 35 years. My most prize thing I keep now, upon my neck. Once a celestial beauty, we danced in life as one for a California Summer and California Fall season. She was wild child and she was filled with the madness of wanting to test life and challenge death. She was fearless and she made the sleeping man come alive. Now I write to my journal.

“We were rainbow chasers, we were cloud dancers, we were waterfall seekers andwe were were waves dancers. We loved the carousel of unknown beginnings and endings.

Seeking the highest mountain to climb, rocking and rolling with the largest Pacific Winter storm waves. Maybe we were brave, maybe we were insane? She taught me the world could be black, she taught me the world can be light. She taught…

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