I need a wild heart…


 I need a wild heart….

                       Love made me live….

Beautiful woman told me. We need to bathe in the quiet and sweetness of love.
Love come when love wants.
The movement of love is like a song.
The rhythmically song take us to interlacing of hands, mouth and body.
Let’s dance nude upon the balcony and allow our love story to be whispered to the stars and the moon.


                              Your flesh remembered you….

Old man Winter had made us escape to the dark rooms where lovers celebrate the night.
You teased me. Dancing nude to the Leonard Cohen songs and you fell to bend knees and
with beautiful face near. You whispered. “Your flesh remembered me and I will always remember you.
I wrapped my arms around you and I wish to drift forever into your eyes.
I told you. Love demands payment. I know my…

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