In the temple of our spirits


Days are slow when there’s space between us, nights are long and burdensome.
When I’m alone I like to reminisce – your ghost tempts, I succumb.
Your memory follows me home. When I close my eyes, I see yours,
and my mind sings me sweet songs.

Flamingo Island Umm Al Quwain

We’re trapped in a small place, but it doesn’t matter cause I have you here.
Your breaths fill the space like invisible words, but your intentions are clear.

The darkness fails to blind us; whispers of smiles escape through its veil.
And, there’s nothing more to understand, but the fervent stares we share.

The air bends with you, time stops, completely engrossed in this moment.
My brown eyes are paralyzed; staring, studying, cherishing this.

Doubts taunt me but I don’t care cause you move like rhythmic poetry,
and flow like soft water gently kissing rocks near the riverbanks.


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