Dance Of The Fairies

Walt's Writings

Dance Of The Fairies

If you are fortunate
on a night with a full moon
you may hear music
drifting across the pond

as you move closer
the music grows louder
the moonlight is reflected on the water
and you see three lovely fairies dancing

they all are playing an instrument
one plays a violin
one plays a Celtic flute
and one plays a drum as they dance around

it’s a magical and mysterious melody
beautiful and uplifting, filled with hope
they notice you watching and giggle
sensing you mean them no harm

the music lulls you to sleep as the night goes on
at daybreak you wake up and they are gone
as you clear the sleep from your eyes
you rise and head for home

you hear them giggle and you know
it was all real and not a dream
you had been allowed to witness
the dance…

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