Angry Beaver


‘Say Zoë….do you like, ever get angry?’
It was an unexpected question I got Tuesday, when a colleague just asked me this out of the blue. We’d just joined a meeting and exchanged the normal pleasantries and then BAM. There it was.
Now – my initial response was a very a-typical giggle, followed by a quick ‘no I don’t. Not really’.

The fact that I’ve spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up glass shards from my carpet and floor after VERY angrily kicking a side table that still contained two glasses and a bowl of M&M’s is proving kind of the opposite. Who knew. I get angry. Man. I get SO SO angry.

But there’s a distinction, as I discovered just this morning. Seriously. I DO get angry. A lot. Passionately. I think everyone in the world does. And I’m VERY good at holding grudges and I can…

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